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How can recruiters provide value in a period of uncertainty? (currently Brexit)

David McGarry

written by David McGarry

When a recession or downward trend hits the market, it is recruitment that tends to feel the effects first as a freeze on new hires comes in and a raft of other precautionary measures are incorporated.

However, as with the last recession, recruiters still played a vital part of ensuring life went on. How so, you may ask?

Well in short a good recruiter with a powerful network will be able to help increase the probability of candidates and clients seeing past any negativity and uncertainty whilst a recruitment need still exists.

A common response we will see from candidates in a time of uncertainty is “I’m going to put my search on hold as I’m worried if I am the last one in, I might be the first one out if anything adverse happens.” A valid point, but clearly one which could rob individuals of fantastic opportunities on the premise of something, which in many scenarios may never play out.

Likewise we often have clients in a period of uncertainty saying “Surely the best candidates won’t look now, so I’ll hold on recruiting or I’ll get a temp.” Again a valid point, but one which a good recruiter can help increase the probability of helping a client overcome, through demonstrating the power of their network and providing quality candidates. 

The recruitment industry certainly took a hit in the last recession. However, it remained a multi-billion-pound industry. People still moved, people still needed to be recruited, and good recruiters were well positioned to provide a vital service to both clients and candidates.

Our experienced recruiters at EA First can provide multiple examples of partnering with clients, by helping them to follow through with a recruitment assignment they may not have started, and likewise helping candidates make moves they may not have made before.

We will be more than happy to share testimonials.

Now more than ever, whether you are a client or a candidate, partnering up with a strong recruiter will ensure there can still be light at the end of the tunnel!  


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