Information Technology

As the world continues its technological drive, the requirement for more I.T professionals continues to outstrip supply.

As an I.T professional you’ll know that you have a skill set that fits within a very small pool of individuals. This can mean, as and when you raise your head to look at the job market, you are instantly swarmed with job opportunities that makes it near on impossible to work out which roles you should look at as well as who you should partner with.

Within EA First you can be assured of the consultative approach. When you register with us, whether you move within 1 month or 12 months, you’ll very quickly realise our motives are about the right move for you as opposed to recognised a placement as quickly as we can.   

Areas we can help recruit are as follows:

IT Security

IT Audit

CIO’s/IT Director

IT Projects

Support (All lines)


Software Development (Oracle, C++, Java, .Net etc)

For any assistance please call on 01223 298150 or submit your CV here.

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