Terms and Conditions

  • You agree that all information you provide to EA First is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge.

  • You agree that if there are any changes to any information we hold, that you will update EA First accordingly.

  • You agree that we will hold your personal details on file, on the understanding that it is used solely for the purposes of our primary service as a Recruitment Agency.

  • You agree that in the execution of our role as a Recruitment Agency, that EA First will be required to share your personal details with relevant external stakeholders.

  • You agree that EA First will maintain your details on our database even after your interaction with EA First has ended, on the sole basis that it is used for our primary service as a Recruitment Agency.

  • You agree that should EA First require information that is central to being successful on your behalf, that you will release the information requested.

  • You agree, that should you reach the conclusion of your intended goal without the services of EA First, that you will update an Advisor at EA First to that effect.

  • Finally, you agree that you give permission to EA First to represent your interests, as relevant, and as discussed, until otherwise stated.